Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stay true... siempre

I'm a blue-orange (true colors personality assessment) and so I need someone (or a system) to stay on track. And that's with everything... classes, work, friends, and even my own life. Sometimes I have to be my "someone" to keep me focused. Like this summer... I carry with me a little green stone that reminds me of "stay true". Stay true to myself, to my beliefs, to the people I care about. It reminds me to stick to my commitment.
It helps me remember not to forget...
Not to forget where I'm coming from, and where I'm supossed to go. Not to forget what others wouldn't want to remember... that makes me who I am. It helps me remember to stay true and pure... even when no one's looking.

I wanted to say a little more... maybe a little more clearly. But sometimes it's too hard to explain what's in my heart... sometimes it's too hard to find the right words... or not to get angry.

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