Friday, May 20, 2005

Where have I been?

All over the place...
I went to Glenn Rose, TX for NACA's Huge Leadership Weekend last week. I met a lot of great people there and I learned a lot from what they do at their schools. Somebody killed a snake! and we played mafia like crazy! I almost win once. I met a fine BM that I will probably never see again... but well, that's life.
Then I came back to the house on Monday night and left on Tuesday to see my friend April down in Hope, AR. She invited me to spend some time with her and her family this summer. It was during one of our study nights at the library. We were almost done with tests and were feeling pretty good about grades and all. The 4.0 GPA we wanted wasn't gonna happen, but we'll try next semester. Anyway, she looked at me and said "B, would you want to come home with me?" She's so sweet. So I drove over there in Berthito... I made it. Thank God! It was the longest drive ever... and I went all by my beautiful self :) I needed that. On my way there I called April a bunch of times because I just wanted to make sure I was going the right direction. About 2 hours into the drive I called and said "Dang, this is a LONG drive" and she laughed and said "I KNOW!" Her family is just so great! I got to meet her parents, her sisters, her grandparents.... some friends. It was so nice and I felt so good. The received me as part of the family. And my heart needed that. I love them all! They really do justice to the family name: Love.
I came back today and went straight to the LULAC reception for the state convention. I'm tired now... very tired.

"Alone, not blue, just alone" ~Kattie M. Cumbo

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David Moore said...

Kattie M. Cumbo?

On your website you quote a fragment from Kattie M. Cumbo, a very obscure poet I'm trying to learn more about. What do you know, and where did you find the quote?

I am presently editing the early 1960s letters of Langston Hughes, and Cumbo's name appears there. Thanks! David Moore,
International Studies, Macalester College