Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thank God for Books

I'm here in the library studying for my finals on Monday. I have a final paper for my ANTH class due on Wednesday, I also have two final paintings due that day. I have a little to do list on my planner... I need to finish with everything.
I'm researching for my final paper that's on "Art traditions in Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica" and I'm finding many interesting books!!! I need to spend more time reading... apart from studying for classes. There are some books I need to finish... like "Jazz", "Che", and "The Motorcycle Diaries" (This last one I want to read in Spanish).
Anyway... "FOCUS!" As someone I know would tell me... I'm going back to one of those so uncomfortable chairs in the reading room.

Yesterday's thought: Life is good, even thought it sometimes laughs at you... in your face.

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