Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Dear Katrina" by Ryan Ray

Dear Katrina,

Escaping the Air I Breathe
Coming up from the water below
Watching someone stop breathing,
Trying to escape,
To escape from a paradise lost,
To a place I once called home
To a home that was once known
for its arts and music.

Can I get a moment of Silence
For those lost, for those who suffered,
For those who have nothing,
Nothing meaning not one thing in their name
everything lost.
There lives for ever changed.

[Just Breathe]
Take a deep breathe and hold it in
As you walk past the dead,
Only this time the dead actions speak louder than words
Tears running down your face
You feel lost only to look to God and your government,
But were are they
People dying without food and water.
The richest nation in the worlds own people.
Treated like a 3rd world country.

I drop to my knees and begin to pray.
For help, for someone, As shots in the air begin spray.
A murderous WAR ZONE.
People killing each for simple things like bread and water.

Damn Katrina, you’ve turned my city’s people into savages
Trying “just” to survive
As more of my people die.
The name Katrina means “Pure” and your everything BUT
Thousands felt your wrath.

As I gasp Another breathe walking down this street
with my head held high.
You will not damage my spirits.
It feels I have a cross on my back and with this as my burden.
I have nothing else to lose.
How can you lose something if you have lost everything.

The air is fowl and fire lights the sky,
Where am I?
The streets I once knew are there, but not the same.
Shootings ring into the night. Children are full of fright
As parents hold them close. Trying to escape,
To escape from a paradise lost.
To a place we once called home.

[Dear Katrina]

by Ryan Ray

All rights reserved - Ryan Ray


Coco said...

wow! it's very powerful!
your friend is very talented...
he should continue writing.

gracias por compartirlo!


Ryan Ray said...

Thank You and Thanks B for putting it on your Blog I really wish you guys could hear me say it is way cooler and with more feeling...but Thank You for just reading it!!
Ryan Ray

cargwaps said...

that was a very good poem! more power to you and your friend! ^___^

r/r said...

odd, my name is also ryan ray, although i live in canada

-still a good poem, appreciated