Friday, September 30, 2005

A poem

I don't like to share my poetry much, but I decided to post this one here. For April.

Shooting Star

Let me see a shooting star,
I think I need some magic in my life.
And tonight,
with the light of the moon
and the pitch black sky,
life seems to need more magic.
The night is lonely since you left
and nothing else seems to fill the sky.

The moon tries to survive,
she tries to escape loneliness
and the emptiness
that seems to surround her

That void seems to call my name,
and that's why I need
to see a shooting star tonight.
I need something that tells me
you're alive somewhere,
That you're waiting for me.

I want to see a shooting star tonight,
and say a prayer,
and fill the sky.

Sept 24, 2005

I thought of this poem when we were coming back from Hope, AR on September 21st, when we said good-bye to April. It took me a couple of days to put it down on paper, it was difficult to find the words, even though is so simple. That night I really saw the moon like I hadn't seen it ever before, and the sky was an infinite kind of black, which I thought was unusual, since the moon usualy lights up everything around her. That night two of my friends saw a shooting star while we were on the road... I missed it.

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