Sunday, September 04, 2005

WOW (I didn't find a better title for this post)

I am so freakin tired... and sore. Yesterday we collected donations for the hurricane victims at every entrance of the stadium before the football game (not to be confused with "fĂștbol"). We had a bunch of students volunteering and it was great! We collected more than $21,000 :D I think we'll do it again for next week's game.

I had to leave my car at AT's place since the parking situation on game days is hell-ish. So after the game J&J had to take me to my car (cause I lost AT during the game and his cell phone battery died and so I couldn't get in touch with him). But we didn't go directly to my car... oh, no. We were so hungry (I won't give out my thoughts about food prices and American Sports, here) that J-a (not to be confused with J-o... that's her boyfriend, together they're J&J) had the most brilliant idea of the night: "Ihop, anyone?!"

So there, we went to Ihop were I couldn't make up my mind on what kind of breakfast I wanted and so I ended up ordering the "Split Decision Breakfast" just for La Miss to ask me how I wanted my eggs... oh my headache worsen... So I just said "I don't know" in a tone that revealed my frustration when it comes to making important decisions. And that's why La Miss said "The most popular are scrambled with cheese" I replied with a "That sounds great" and a big smile.

We laughed so much. J&J are hilarious. And we talked so many things... Oh... and before I forget: we had all-access passes for the game!!! Where did we go with those?! Nowhere!!! Because we didn't know what to do with them. Just like money.

So, it was an interesting day. Bittersweet because of a situation of which I cannot write anything about since I'm taking it to the school's administration. I can just say that I was pissed off... VERY pissed off.

Other than that, everything was wonderful. And well, I've meet so many wonderful people lately... :D It made me so happy to see people united to collect donations for all those that have suffered. I wish I could DO more... but one can only do what's in one's power.

Something that struck me: J&J had a box of donations and J-a said "Man, we were on fire!!! People kept putting 20's in here" to that J-o said "That's just because I'm so damn sexy!"

And well... that's it. I'll probably add more to this post later. Like very deep stuff on the possible reasons my head has been continuously hurting for the last couple of days. It's been some time with no migraines, I don't want them to come back.


Coco said...

I am glad to hear that you and your friends are doing something to help those in need of help- Gracias!


LiLyBaByBLuE said...

Hi there, so nice of you to be collecting funds for the victims, keep up with the good things u always do ;)
see ya

J. Star said...

That's so great you're out doing something for the victims! I admire that. Good for you! :)

And, I'm hoping the "situation" you mentioned gets straightened out...doesn't sound like fun.


feminine expressions said...

when you do everything you can do, the Universe turns it into enough...

many blessings on your efforts and your giving...