Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The meaning of life is keyboard shorcuts

I love my computers in art class... I'm having a blast. The professor is awesome, I think I'll take all his classes. Also, I'm getting involved in the Hurricane Disaster Relief effort at the UA.

My love for art is growing stronger as the days pass. It's amazing.
Also, it's amazing how somebody can make you smile for no reason. I'm not making sense... I'll get back to my business.

*UPDATE* at 10:33 pm
I haven't heard from RcR.
I met this guy tonight, hilarious!
Gas it's $3.00.


Coco said...

Art...LOVE IT!
Oye, so who is making you "smile"? Tell, tell!!
Cuidate, Coco

J. Star said...

Only $3? You're doing okay... :)