Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hispanic Heritage Month logo

So... I designed the logo for the UA Hipanic Heritage Month. I did the drawing and a nice guy at Housing digitalized it and put the color. He did an awesome job!

Here are the pics:


Coco said...

I'm impressed! Great Job!


Pippo said...

I think that this logo is one of the tightest logos i have seen ina while! you are by far one of the most talented artists... EVER!! I think you need to add the new FNL logo to your repertoire on here, but wait til we make the big announcement for it on 9*16*05! :)

I luf ya!

J. Star said...

Ooh, very nice! Have you considered a career in graphic design? :)

cargwaps said...

i stumbled on your blog just now. i think the logo you made is very good. especially after the colors have been added in. ^____^