Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Excuse me. I need some attention, please!

"The meaning of life is keyboard shortcuts."

I'm already loving my Computers in Art class. I feel so great right now, I feel so good in spite of so many bitter-sweet things. Have I grown up? At least a little? I think so too.

What else? Mmmm... I got darker today after a couple of hours out in the sun. It was HOT today... really hot and humid. And I'll start writing for The Traveler soon, I get my first assignment next week. Bruises left by Monday's accident are showing by now. Also, country boys might not be as bad of a choice as I thought.


J. Star said...

Uh oh, if it's hot and humid where you are, that means it will be where I am soon...

glad to hear things look a bit more up today. : )


Coco said...

You had an accident? Are you OK?
"Country" boys...para nosotras las mujeres, mientras el hombre sea "macho"- bienvenido!
Get to know the guy- who knows, maybe you have alot in common.
By the way, making friends (male or female) is always great!