Monday, August 29, 2005

Canta y no llores!

I keep falling... I fell down today again and last Friday (well, I guess it was Saturday cause it was 1 am). I keep falling in the same way and I always land in the same position, and so, my bootie cannot take it anymore. This time hurts :'(
And the worst of all, was that today many people saw... cause it was in the student Union. It felt bad, and this piece of friend of mine couldn't stop laughing!!! You know who you are!!! Don't you dare commenting on this post!!! Anyways, I had to work late today and so I'm tired (plus my bootie hurts, did I already mention that?!). I have to go home and do homework and reading, and I really should paint.

Well... let's hope I don't fall tomorrow. The good thing is, I will always get back up!!! (that's deep... it goes beyond the thought of physically falling!)


Coco said...

Que es eso de que te estas cayendo muy seguido? Persinate!!


J. Star said...

Oh there something wrong with your ankles?

BG said...

no, nothing. I just seem to find the ONE drop of water on the floor... and I step on it and slip.