Sunday, August 21, 2005

A periquito named Paco

ROCK Camp was great!!! I had such a great time and I have no doubt that all the freshmen that went has a blast too. I'm pretty sure my team won ("who the crunkest up in here? 'E' the crunkest up in here!") but we didn't find out because of the bus fiasco. We had to wait for over an hour in the buses because the directors were making sure that everyone was there... and this was because it rained on us when we were on the float trip. That was fun, though.

Also, I was hipnotized! I don't remember much... it's slowly coming back, but I still don't remember much. My friends were telling me that I was just out, they said that I looked all relaxed and that I didn't even wanted to do what the guy was telling us to do. They said that they hipnotist told us that we had a bird in our hands and that he asked me what kind of bird it was and I said it was a "periquito" and when he asked what its name was I said "Paco." Julie said, "B, I knew you were gonna start speaking Spanish up there! I knew it!!"

I still don't know what happened. I just know that after I woke up I felt really good, like I had slept for a while! I was so refreshed :) Let's see if the memory comes back!

Classes start tomorrow. It'll be a great semester and I'm ready to pull a 4.0 and do some amazing things on campus!

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J. Star said...

Ha ha! A parakeet named Paco, that's priceless! :) I'm glad you had fun, even if I don't know what "crunkest" means. :)