Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Electric Black! That's what my hair color is supposed to be. But it really looks more like the black-ish, red-ish with brown and some orange highlights that I had before... but a little darker. Oh, well... that happens with the product I use. But I still like it because it doesn't damage my hair :)

I went to Dickson St. with my mom and sister to take pictures and I got some great ones... of my mom and my sister. They're so funny... they kept getting on the pictures. My sister would walk faster if she saw me looking at a spot that was a little away from her.

I got some great expressions from them.
Here they are:

And well, that was Sunday. Last night I met with a friend of mine to play (drums...) CHESS!!! How long since I had last played? Almost 4 years. I used to play with my dad and Mario, my brother. But since I moved here I didn't have anyone to play with. So last night was gooooooooooood... I have to say, I enjoyed winning -- I mean, playing!

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Coco said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! And to end the day by winning at chess : )