Saturday, January 28, 2006

One Muslim, One Jew.

Last night I went to school to see a couple of comedians they had brought. I took my sister and her friend with me and we had a blast. I saw a bunch of friends and talked, saw Jonah walking, saw my FNL assistant friends, talked, took pictures.... etc. But the highlight was the comedians. One of them is Jew (Alper), the other one is Muslim (Ahmed Ahmed).... how loco is that!!! And well, Alper was fine, but I really got a kick out of pretty much everything Ahmed said! Of course we took some pictures after and got a CD. It was fun :D

I also saw the Comedy Committee banner that they had put in the middle of the stage. I'm very proud to say I drew the little comedian guy in the center of the logo. I know, I know.... I was pretty happy when I saw it blown up for a banner.

I'm also doing my first mural in a few days. I have to start looking for the materials and the brushes and all.... I don't even know what I need. It's my first mural so I need to do some research on the materials first. I'm getting the sketches ready and, of course, getting really excited about the whole thing. This will be refreshing. Just what I need :D I told the guy I'm doing the mural for that I'm gonna feel like I'm Diego Rivera.... how awesome!

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