Thursday, January 05, 2006

A window to my libertad

I was at work and I was feeling a little tired so I took a break and went outside. When I opened the door at the back of the building I felt the cool air hit my face. It took a minute for it to get inside me and hit my lungs... it was nice and refreshing. And it was there when it came to me: I'm no good for work. I've been working full-time during the break and I think it's no coincidence that I've been getting more headaches and I get tired and cranky easily. I'm just no good to stay inside a building all day long sharing the air (warm air) with many many people there... I need to be able to come and go all the time. And maybe this nature of mine is the reason I laughed out laud last time someone at work asked me if I would start full time there when I graduate.

I don't want to go hiking everyday... but I don't want to trap myself in an office (specially if it doesn't have any windows that I can open -- I say that cause I've noticed that people don't usually open their windows here in AR).

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