Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday night... so thankful.

Past couple of weeks have been busy. From birthday celebrations to shows, from application deadlines to presentations, to papers to workshop planning... crazy busy. And I'm such a dork, I enjoy it.

I realized that the fine arts library is one of my favorite places on campus... and I found out why. I wrote an essay on that for my essay writing course. This is the part of my essay I like the most:

The main level is a rather long area with large windows that connect the place with the outside world, with the rest of the university. That hallway with all the study tables and the windows is dangerous. If you sit in one of those tables you run the risk of getting distracted by anything outside the windows. There are tons of things outside that can make you forget about the reading at hand. Among those various things are clouds, people walking to class, and fighting squirrels. Sometimes it’s actually nice to take a break from what you’re doing to look at the world outside. I love the windows because they remind me of my house in El Salvador. The view was quite distinct from my house, though. A volcano can’t be compared to a couple of very aggressive squirrels. So usually when I’m there studying I catch myself staring at the windows every so often – or I see the person in the next table doing that.

Anyway, life has been good.

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