Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow, I'm tired.

I'm tired today... and sore. I have no clue why.

In my 3-D class I'm making a "box as a metaphor of self" and I'm pretty excited about what I'm doing. I got to MAKE my own box!!! It was nice when I had it done, of course, I didn't do it by myself... my professor helped me a lot (especially cutting the wood... I'm kind of afraid of those wood-cutting machines!). I also got to smell like wood after that class... you know, like a woodshop somebody. I changed shirts later.

I also got to present with one of my good friends on a leadership series. Our topic was "Impacting your Organization" and it went reeeeeeeeally good. I was very happy :)

With the drama of me, snow, and a rusty nail... wow... I had to get the tetanus shot because the last one I had gotten was in 1991. The cut didn't get infected, though. Looks like I've done a great job taking care of it cause you can barely tell I had a rusty nail pierce my foot on Saturday... it's almost gone. I think I won't get a scar from this nail. And well, since I've been looking at my feet a whole lot after Saturday, I'm convinced I need a pedicure before I dare to put on flip-flops to go out in public.

Last week I sent my application for the Glamour's Top Ten College Women contest. I think I have pretty good chances of getting the award... so I'm hoping.

I have to do stuff for tomorrow before I get to sleep, so I better get away from the computer NOW!


J. Star said...

Oh man, that rusty nail thing sounds really painful. Last time I had a tetanus shot it made me really sore too...I hope it continues to heal well!

I like the heart made of hands picture, and the self-portrait in the snow. Looks like you were having fun. :)


Coco said...

glad you went in to the doctor's...

hope you make the Glamour's Top Ten Women's Contest
i'll be looking through my sister's magazines-