Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dancing snowflakes/My feet on the ground

Today I saw the most beautiful snow storm I have ever seen. There were real
snowflakes and they were coming down the sky so very beautifully. It looked
like they were all taking the time to be happy with the wind and dance
around while they distracted me from driving.

It was pretty neat.

Then later I found out I was the worst grade in the first test in one of my
classes. It was a bummer. But I guess I needed that to get myself together.
I've been slacking in that class a lot... well, that and other 2 classes.
Ok, I've only been working hard in the one class I like. The other ones are
just not inspiring at all, but I guess they're not meant to inspire me, but
just make me work. But let me stop right now, before I say anything real
(but not pretty) about those uninspiring classes.... you never know when
those things will come back to you.

I'm getting it together. Sorry World, sorry I attempted to slack in my last
semester in college.

I just need a break. That's all.

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