Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a poem by Ricky Flores

I must have known you
We passed each other a thousand times
Never talking yet forever, you, echoing in my memory

I must have known you
Through the fog of time resonating like a beating heart fading in the distance
Never talking yet,


There you are

Shaping everything through the passion of your words
That I never heard
Not once in my lifetime


There they are

Always there

My life written out on a page that I never saw
My life intimately exposed on a page for all to see
Was that life, my own, written on the page as you stood watch over me?
Or did I take yours and made it my own?

I must have known you
How else do I explain the eerie semblance of our lives?
That connection of remembrance of a life that you lived or was that life my own?

In the fog of time we parted and what was left was the page

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