Thursday, February 08, 2007

Libertad temporal

I feel kinda liberated just after finishing the test I had this morning. This week was so awfully full with things to do and reading and studying. I am so tired.... I am emotionally tired and need some refreshing. I wish I had a refresh button like any internet browser, but I don't. I have to figure something out, fast. Can't do another piercing, because I just don't want anymore. Usually that's my escape when I'm feeling all stressed out like now.

I have a bunch of stuff to do still this week, it's just not class related. I have a few deadlines for tomorrow, but that's just about putting things together.... I'm almost done. Then I have a full load for next week.

Man, it's harsh. We'll see how I manage. At least I get to see beautiful sunsets a lot. Can't say the same thing about sunrises, though. I haven't been obeying my alarm as I usually do... the snooze button should just be destroyed! it's a bad thing for humanity. And I was joking about that, but now it sounds like a brilliant idea.

I went to see Scott yesterday and he showed me the John Mayer photos he got. He had a photographer's pass. His pictures are just amazing!!!!

And today I read this article in the newspaper about an ancient burial they found with a couple of skeletons that were positioned in a way that seemed as if they were lovers and died touching each other. Holding each other as if to overcome death together. It was really neat. I'll scan the article later.

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