Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have nothing to do but smile!

Actually, I have quiet a few things to do. But I took a day off today. It wasn't by choice, but it ended up working out just right.

I woke up with a migraine so reading or typing the pending project were out of the way. I had to go bowling for work (yes, for work!) so I took my migraine medicine and left. On my way there I almost cried cause the bright sunlight was killing me, then the noise at the alley wasn't that beneficial either... but it was fun. By the time I got back home the headache was almost gone. ALMOST.

I found my mom in the front yard just chilling taking in some sun. So I sat next to her and ended up lying on the grass with the warm sun over me and the cool grass under. It was neat. So I got my camera and got a few pics.... will later go in the photoblog, but for now, you can see some on flickr.

Yesterday was so crazy busy that today I woke up thinking it was Saturday... The migraine let me know I needed a break. So I took it.

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