Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mi hermanito!

Mi hermanito!, originally uploaded by begutierrez.

I just got back Orlando, Florida. It was a faaaaan-tastic week, but what I loved the most of the trip didn't even take place in Orlando. It happened in Dallas, TX.... at the airport.... during a layover.

As the plane landed in Texan soil and we were told we can now use our electronic devices I called my bro and said "so, it's raining in Dallas!" he went on with the conversation and I said "I'm here. In Dallas. I have like an hour to see you, can you come to the airport?!" and twenty minutes later we were sitting in one of those airport benches laughing and talking. I can't believe I saw him, after all these years. It was so good to see him. Last time I saw him is the day I left my country. It'd been over 5 years.

We took a couple of pictures and hugged a lot. I didn't want to say goodbye because we only got about 30 minutes together. But I had to get back pass the security doors to get to Florida to a conference that wouldn't give me nearly as much joy as those 30 minutes did.

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Jake said...

Yay B! Thats awesome!!!!