Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tasteless town and viva Las Vegas!

This Halloween was lame, that's why I won't talk much about it. But it reminded me (among several other things) why i don't like this tasteless town. Don't be fooled. If I'm still here is not because I like it... it's because this is where I need to be right now. Can't get out, but as soon as i can I'm on the bus... or plane, whatever applies.

I have so much to say, so much to tell you and show you... I spent last weekend in Las Vegas. I spent the time with my dear friends Ja and Jo, and I made a few new friends. I have a few photos to show you, and some I won't show you. I got there on Thursday morning... starting with the flight, it was amazing. All my flights and connections were on time, and even though it felt like I was awake for fifteen hundred hours that day, I loved every minute of it. So I'm sure I'll go back as soon as I can... or maybe as soon as I can find a cheap flight from this little airport. Man, I wish sky bus was available here.

My connecting flight on the way to Vegas was at Salt Lake City, Utah. I've never been there, so when I saw the big lake under us and no visible place to land I got a little scare. Thankfully, there was an airport in the middle of the fog. Then I got to Las Vegas that Thursday mid-morning... Man, I was so excited to see Jenn and Jake that I think I still have a little excitement left in the body, cause I am getting excited as I type this. Jake was waiting for me at the luggage pick up and Jenn was driving around the airport, so that she didn't have to pay for parking... classic. And did I mention there were slot machines at the airport?! Those things are everywhere in Vegas.

And well, I had an amazing time. Most of it I won't tell you.... you know what they say about what happens in Vegas. I do have to tell you about the wedding and the (approx) 13 times that Jacob cried that day. He's such a great man, but I didn't know how emotional he could get. I did a questionnaire about him one day (one of those myspace deals) and one of the questions was if I had ever seen him cry... I said no to that question, but that has sure changed now! I got to hear from Josh that night after the wedding a recount of the times Jake cried... it was quite funny, specially the way Josh was telling it. They were really counting. It's not that I didn't cry, cause I did... many times, specially right before and during the ceremony. Oh, it was so emotional, and how could you keep your eyes from tearing up after seeing Jacob's face all red and teary eyes. No fight to those tears!! I mean, EVERYBODY in the bridal party was crying.. And Jenn, she looked SO beautiful in her dress and she was so happy. Couldn't wait to be Jake's wife and she cried too, when she was going down the aisle.... well, was it an aisle? anyway... At least I think she was crying. I couldn't really see, because I didn't wear my glasses for the ceremony.

Everything was just so great, and so... them. The wedding really fit Jenn and Jake. They had a bit of a halloween theme to the party, since they love Halloween so much. The nightmare before Christmas, baby! I loved the cake, their champaign glasses, the earrings Jenn gave me... everything. It was all just so beautiful. And that's the night I said hasta la vista to Jenn and Jake. Because I had to take off the next morning at 5:30 am, because my flight left at 7:30 am. It was until then, when I wished I had booked my flight until Monday and not Sunday. I really needed to sleep. So the next morning, still with perfect curls thanks to all the hairspray on my hair, I took a shower and was able to get the curls down to head to the airport. All the flights were on time, but now it really felt like fifteen hundred hours. I was SO tired by the time I got back.

I made some great new friends... and I will sure watch for cheap flights for Las Vegas in the future... maybe not the near future cause I'm so broke right now. And well, that's about how much I can tell you about the trip, everything else will have to be in pictures (I'm also putting some on flickr). Ciao.

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