Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And all of a sudden, it's fall.

The weather in the area has been in and out of summer/early-fall-feel since summer officially ended in September. But today, I think fall finally hit us. When I went in to work it was about 60 degrees out, and when I got out it was about 35. Needless to say, I wasn't prepared. My scarf wasn't warm enough, and my long sleeve shirt barely kept me going. The fact that my car doesn't have a working heat system didn't help. I wasn't feeling my hands and fingers after a few minutes of driving.

But talking about the weather wasn't all I wanted to do.

I wanted to say I'm thankful.

I know I don't always sound thankful, but I am. I'm thankful for my wonderful family that fills my hours with conversations and laughter, most of the time. My life would be extremely empty without these wonderful individuals.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday of mine, but why not say thanks when everyone is doing it? Is not a bad thing to imitate... oh, and I'll be making two pumpkin pies tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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