Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm made of CHISPAZOS: "mienteme y di que no estoy loca..."

I can't deny sometimes I wish I was more poetic or that my posts reflected deep thinking and analysis of pieces of life or passages from my reading, etc. But I guess I'm just too random to get a hold of a specific style for this blog of mine. I know it has no specific taste or order, and that's why it'll never make any of those "blogs of the year" lists or whatever name you want to give to popularity charts.

I am here right now, writing to tell you what's in my heart. Like I do always. Because that's why this blog is wisely titled "from b to z"... I talk about whatever I'm empilada* on. Tonight, I want to tell you how much I loved the 8th annual Latin Grammys. I LOVED the whole thing. All the performances were awesome... and I'm not even hating on the norteñas and reaggetones that didn't hit the spot. Let's see what I liked the most, we'll go by my memory, because I only remember the things I like (in cases like the grammys and any other entertainment related topics, i'm not like that for the academia, etc.). Ricky Martin, good. Calle 13 and Orishas, good. Miguel Bose, good. Jesse & Joy, good. Juan Luis Guerra, GREAT. And of course, Stomp Out Loud that went along with Calle 13 and Orishas, great! I cannot recall something I didn't like. And if I had to add something else to make it the best show awards show I've seen in a while, I'd add a performance by Mana. Just cause they're so awesome.

("Mienteme y di... que no estoy loco...quién teme... quién teme dí... si yo me pierdo..Mil años pasarán.. y el duende de tu nombre de luna en luna irá" --that's just the song that got stuck in my head)

I have to say, I am really really happy that Juan Luis Guerra was the big winner of the night. He's had my musical heart since I first heard "El Costo de la Vida" (you should really read that as "el costo 'e la vida").

Oh, I am so excited... this moments of excitement have been popping up on me for some time now. My sister calls them Chispazos** and truth is, I've been having them a lot. I got so excited that iTunes latino had a 40-song album of Aleks Syntek for $9.99 that I bought it without thinking about it for too long... forgetting, of course, that i'm broke and that gas is $3.06 the galon. I just thought it was a good deal... you know, 40 songs. Do the math.

I wish I was able to get music easily. Not music, but musica. What's here "latin music" although I have to be careful with the way I use that term because sometimes it's understood to cover only one genre or music, or worse, one song. A year or so ago would have been La Gasolina... now I think it'd be I Lean Like a Cholo. But I have to stop complaining... maybe iTunes latino will get it right soon, cause right now, they're lacking. Gimme some more of those specials like the Aleks Sintek one... now that you, iTunes latino, are so naive when it comes to musica.

OK, the writing chispazo for this post is over. And remember, if you think this post was weird and out of the blue, think again... that might just be the rule.

PS. OH!! I must not forget to tell you that yesterday morning when I put on one of those jackets that I hadn't used since before Spring break in April this year I found the jump drive I thought I'd lost!!! I just found it about 7 months after I really needed it.

*empilada: span. fem. someone who's very interested on something at a specific time. Salvadoran slang.
**chispazos: span. pl. sparks of something... mostly madness, love, or some obsession.

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Coco said...

I didn't see the Latin Grammy's...
too busy doing Report Cards : (
I LOVE Miguel Bose : )
Did he sing
AND YES, I LOVE Juan Luis Guerra, too : )

By the way...
I saw Bella : )
it's now in its 3rd week at our cinema : ) AND were NOT a big city!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.