Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today I heard a story about maracas

I am a slow reader. And I'm also a slow writer. The longest entries you've seen in this blog have probably taken more time that you think, and it's ok. I just take time thinking, and sometimes get distracted. But it never helped in college. Oh, no. It never did. And the best writing I did in college was the last minute writing. Maybe because I had so little time to think about what I HAD TO GET DONE so soon. And another reason it might take me long to get points across is that it's hard for me to focus. I go from one story to the next without finishing the first one and in between I tell a side story that was also good although not very well related to the other two stories.

So I get others lost.
And I get myself confused.

And I wished I only did that for writing. No, that seems to be the rule in my whole life. But what I wanted to say is something completely different from what I'm talking about right now. I just wanted to tell you about a story with maracas and little cousins making fun of my friend. But now I was just thinking how I wish I could go deep and make good points on things, and maybe teach myself a lesson from things that happen. I learn. I'm just not sure how, because I don't have any specific styles or methods. Bullet points do nothing to me. And highlighters just make me get sidetracked and draw a little man with no arms on the side of a page. And introductory stories or examples make think of more stories and more examples. Oh, wait, I got it. It's in the numbers. The numbers and formulas. Math.

You know how people say that you're either good at science and math OR social studies and communication (or something along those lines)... well, I always thought (get ready for this) that I'm good at everything BUT science. Maybe is just that I like everything but science. But maybe I'm just truly and naturally good at math. I enjoy it and it comes easy to me... but when it comes to science, I just hate that stuff, for more interesting it sounds it just gives me a migraine.

Hmmmm... interesting.

And I just thought of all this cause Pau told me something about el profe Victor and I started thinking about math and how we would sometimes (him and me) solve the problems in the book that nobody else was able to solve on their own... not even me.

HA! And I thought this would be an interesting post for my readers (HA! my readers... I crack myself up). Well... sometimes a little introspection comes in handy. Although I'm afraid I didn't finish the thought here.

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lady 22 said...

you're good in everything!!!! mainly as friend!!!!

monicas and maracas....! jajajajaja