Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thankful for this weekend

This weekend didn't quite end as I expected. I ended up losing some of the battles... fortunately, I feel like I won the most.

Friday was a great day. I worked and then in the afternoon my friend Anna and I went for a photo trip. We wanted fields... at least, that's what I told Anna I wanted... to take photos of fields. So we went on a road we hadn't driven through before and found great places. And I finally got to put the best of those photos on Flickr, so you can go see them (click).

I am ready to move on to painting something for my tia Miriam. She turned 50 last week, April 11. And she said she'd like a painting as a present. I am excited.... and about to start it, so I'll leave on the side my Cien Años de Soledad book and take the time to get the painting done before Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week.


Coco said...

Hola : )
Are you reading the book in Eng. or in Span.?
I REALLY tried reading it in Span. first, but I just couldn't...
Then I thought it was my lack of vocab. in Span. so I tried reading it in Eng.- me fue peor!!
No, I haven't finished reading it in ANY language!! (actually, my spanish is quite good : )

Abrazos y Bendiciones

begutierrez said...

hehehe... I'm reading it in Spanish and I love it so far. I'll try my best to finish it for both of us!