Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Every time I read a book I get the tone of the voice of the narrator in my head. Sometimes that tone, that voice, sticks for a while in my head making me use different words or phrases foreign to my mentality. It happens every time. And every time I start a different book I hear a different voice and the previous one fades in my memory. College years got cold, textbook voices in my head and they linger still. So many textbooks memorized, analyzed and put back together, reviving when I pick them up for a reminder in procedures, laws, and logics. But lately, I've had fictional voices, voices of women, men, and even cats that might have existed in someone's life and have been reduced to voices in books bought on sale. Then I went to the voice of a boy in search for the beauty in the skies. His voices tangled my brains at first, he thinks too much about little things, but then he changed and his voice started to sound like my own, calming and happier than when he started his journey. And now, in the voice of one of the most important voices in literature in the last century, I have the beautiful voice of an unknown narrator. Objective, descriptive, and omniscient narrator who's taking me along lives and time in this town somewhere unknown.

And while I realized all this about foreign voices taking over the tone of my thoughts it came to mind the voice of God in my head. From the years when I read the Bible so much more than I do now. I do think the constant voice of God was in my head.

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