Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The 5x5 (got this from Coco)

-- What was I doing five years ago? (2003)
a. Learning English
b. Started work at CCOA
c. Getting ready for college
d. Enrolling in orientation and figuring how i'll pay for college
e. Missing home

-- Five Snacks I Enjoy:
a. sweet tea (yea, it's a snack)
b. flan
c. an orange
d. cherries
e. pineapple chunks

-- Five Things I Would Do If I Had A Billion Dollars:
a. travel
b. buy a house
c. travel
d. get some organization in El Salvador
e. travel

-- Five Places I Have Lived:
a. Col Libertad, San Salvador, El Salvador
b. Versalles, San Salvador, El Salvador
c. Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador
d. Merliot, Antiguo Cuscatlan, El Salvador
e. S'dale, AR, USA

-- Five Jobs I Have Had:
a. mail stuffer
b. clerk
c. babysitter
d. math tutor
e. freelancer
(most of what i've done has been volunteering)

--Five NickNames Family & Friends Call Me:
a. Berthis
b. Betty
c. B
d. Eu
e. Bertita

--Five Things I Have Learned From Experience:
a. life is too damn short
b. is not about the photo, is about the memory it holds
c. life = change
d. change = grow
e. nada es más preciado que la libertad


Coco said...

i really like how you ended the MeMe.
"nada es mas precioso que la libertad" : )

abrazos y bendiciones

lady 22 said...

esta chivo me lo robare y lo posteare!