Monday, June 16, 2008

For the love of fireflies

I love fireflies. They might just be the highlight of summers here. And I just saved one. I walked by the window while the spider was going to eat it or something and I saw something shined so I stopped. I killed the spider in a split second and noticed the poor firefly was all knotted up on spider web, sticky and all, you know.
So I got a couple of exacto knives and got to work. I kept trying to get the web strings off her because she (maybe he) kept shining. It might have been because she (or he) was afraid, but maybe it was just to let me know it was still alive. So I kept at it. First I was able to untie its... hands(?) and then I was able to get the spider stuff off the wings. That's when the little firefly STARTED WALKING!!!

Call me lame, but this just brightened my evening.

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Coco said...

sadly, i've never been in the presence of fireflies...
algun dia : )

come on over...
i have another MeMe : )

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