Thursday, June 19, 2008

hello summer

In a couple of days the official start of the summer will be here. Previous years have made summer official with the end of a school year and change... nice change. Change from class to class or from class to free time, or class to work. Summers I remember here have always been that. And I always had a trip to look forward to, as long as I've been in this country. The first time I went out was in 2005 when I got to go to DC with a group of people that are now very good friends of mine, we were representing the UA. The following years I found a way to get to DC myself, still a sponsored trip, but I was the one that made it happen. This year is different, I guess that's the change now. I don't get to go to DC or anywhere else. I might have some in-state visits that I want to do to a very loved family, but that's still in the air.

I am looking forward to more changes. Change is important for me, it has kept me growing strong after I embraced it. Summer has to be my Spring this year.

I want a pineapple shake.

Oh, yes, and a friend told me she has my book... the one I was looking for last night. Facebook status can be helpful.

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