Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm playing in the photo trade this month. This is one of the photos I'm sending:

I met Damián Alcázar on Sunday when I was meeting my friend at barnes & noble. I saw him come in and I recognized him. Earlier this summer I read an article in the local Spanish newspaper that he's been in town, studying English at the UA. I was pretty excited to have my camera with me:
Con Damián Alcázar

Game on Saturday against Alabama... I'm wearing my new #7 Jersey. Go Alex! Go HOGS!

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lady 22 said...

yo crei que ya sabias que le iba a estar ahi, y que fue todo planeado!!!.. wow! esa si que es una historia chiva!. I bet you had your camera,,, como dijo samuel, esta adherida a vos.. Aparte de ir a arkansas en summer, tengo que ir a ver a los razorbacks jugar con el estadio lleno!!! ah.! la vida es tan corta y Arkansas tan chiva!