Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday walk around campus

what's in a classroom?, originally uploaded by aquarelita.

Yesterday's weather called for a walk. So I took off my sweater, grabbed my camera, and took off. I was by myself because on Fridays people just seem to flee campus since very early. Even I do this... it's been a couple of semesters since I've managed to make up my class schedule so I don't have any classes on Fridays. It's pretty neat.

But well, yesterday I had to go do some things in the afternoon after work. And after I was done I just started going around campus. The sun was shinning like it hasn't in quite a few days. And the light hitting the trees and the few leaves that are left on them seemed to glow with a golden charm. It was beautiful. And the sky was blue and clear, not one cloud around.

I ran into a couple of friends, which made the whole thing even better. By the end of the walk my hands were really cold and my hair was looking crazy, because it was windy.

Good times.

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