Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You'd think we weren't going to class....

Today was supposed to be my longest day when it comes to classes, but it ended up being a short and very fun one.

When driving to campus this morning I started to see a little snow coming down, and by the end of my first class the campus (or as far as I could see from the art lab in the 3rd floor of the building) was completely covered in snow.

So I went to the library where I met up with Anna. Kate joined us later. We read Hamilton's column in the school newspaper and then we were too distracted by the snow and all (we were next to a huge window) so I proposed we went outside for some pictures.

We walked out the library, and then decided to go back in just to pick up our stuff and leave that building for the day. We took a few pictures and then went to the next class just to check if there was a note on the door saying it had been canceled. There wasn't a note. There wasn't an email. Just doubt.

I left. My commute had me a bit worried, but once I got out of the hills, up and downs of Fayetteville I did good. Those hills are killers with snow or ice. Berthito just slipped a few times... just enough to get me all focused on the road. It took me about 40 minutes longer to get home that it would in any other day.

It's still snowing.

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