Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The master cleanser

I've known for about 17 years that I need to lose weight. Not that I am unhappy with my rolls, but there are way too many crappy diseases in my family that might just end up killing me. Things like diabetes and heart complications, for starts. But as the story goes with everyone else... I've tried many things and they don't work. Now, lately I think I've gotten a little chubbier because there's this one pair of pants I like that fits a little tighter now. So it's time again to try to lose the pounds. I've started with the master cleanser. That's to help me eliminate toxines from my body and a couple of pounds at the time.

What I really care the most is getting some toxines out and not put anymore in. I'm quiting fast foods and sodas, not that I eat out a lot, but every little thing of those does nothing but bad to the body. Have you watched Super-Size Me?!

I used to be really disciplined, but something happen to me after I moved from El Salvador to here. I need to get that quality back.

Here I go. Wish me luck :)

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