Monday, January 15, 2007

The narrator

I finished reading "The art fair" by David Lipsky today. Beautiful writing. It had me hooked, specially because so much of it has to do with a character that's working to succeed in the art world. Oh, the art world. And I have to confess... I bought that bok (on sale) and only because I loved the cover.

So after I finished the book I got out of my bed and went to look for the book's place in the bookshelf, then grabbed the copy of "Memoria de mis putas tristes" I borrowed from the local library. That should go by fast, actually, I have to finish it before 8 pm on January 22nd :) I started reading that one when I went by Barnes & Noble last week.

After all that this morning, I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing (thought very light). It's cold and my car is frozen. I'll have to spend sometime defrosting it before I go off to the MLK banquet tonight.

Sometimes I think as a narrator. When I'm quiet and thinking of different things while doing anything (painting, cleaning, sometimes in class) I narrate my own book. I in different styles. This morning I was using Lipsky's style. After I finished the Dirty Girls Social Club I was using the voice of one of the characters. Often, when I realize I'm doing this, seems funny. Sometimes I don't notice. Oh, well. Tomorrow I start classes.... if it stops snowing.

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