Friday, March 21, 2008

I have to tell you about this book

I am a big fan of classics, history novels, and travel books. But I have a chic lit guilty pleasure... Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's books. I have read all of them, well, all except Haters. I don't know about that one. I came upon her writing when Amy bought me The Dirty Girls Social Club as a belated birthday present a couple of years ago. Three years ago, actually, 2005. We were at the mall and the book was on sale. I had heard of it from another friend before and wanted to read it, so Amy got it for me and six months later I read it and loved it. It was fun. Then I got Playing with Boys, again, on sale. And I loved it. I think of the three books I've read of hers, this one is my favorite. She focuses on less characters and so their lines in the story are drawn better. In the couple of creative writing classes I took, I learned to identify her style and point of view. The first two books were all in first person from each character's view point, but this last one, the one I just finished, Make Him Look Good, was different. She used first person again, but in addition to it she used third person (in some cases omniscient, in some others a little more limited). And on this one there was a lot more characters than in the others books. It limited the depth in the story of each of them, but it was fun and refreshing coming from her. I was a bit surprised to get even the point of view from a couple of characters... non-human characters. And I'm going to leave it at that in case you want to read the book.
I had so much fun reading this book. From last night I couldn't stop reading until this morning. Okay, okay, I gave me a couple of hours of sleep, but that was because I was truly tired. I got through half the book just in these few hours.
And I'm no book critic. But I have decided I'm going to stick with Valdes-Rodriguez as my guilty book pleasure. And who knows, maybe I'll find Haters on sale one of these days and read it too. Did I mention this last book I found it on sale too at Barnes & Noble last month? This is the one I finished faster. Good deal. Now I'll move on to reading Through Painted Deserts by Don Miller.

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