Wednesday, March 19, 2008

THROWBACK! ....Usando Cassettes

So my car doesn't have a CD player and I haven't got one of those iTrips that allow you to listen to your iPod through the radio, so I hit a very obscure place in my house... the music box. Not just any type of music, but CASSETTE TAPES. And I found the music I brought with me from El Salvador. I think 100% of it is Christian music, so this morning I was singing along Michael Rodriguez y su banda and the Mi Barca song. B-E-A-utiful! I love listening to that... and I can't wait till I get to the Marcos Vidal tape. I only have one concern and that is that with warm weather coming along, I don't remember if I can just leave those tapes out in the car all day long or if they're going to melt or something. I don't want Marcos Vidal melting, specially because if it messes up, I don't think I'll buy a CD to replace that cassette. Just sayin.


lady 22 said...

It's funny. Fist, you wrote about Enrique IIglesias, then you write about Marcos Vidal and your past christian life... mmm I got a Marcos's cassette too, and often whe I'm sad, I go to listen to it.
Nice song!

BeGutierrez said...

que te puedo decir. 1997 was a great year and it was full of Enrique Iglesias and marcos Vidal, both. :D