Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I talked to my papi :)

I called my papi today and he was at the house. He told me everything that my brothers couldn't tell me (how frustrating was that!). He didn't have surgery because the cardiologist said it couldn't be done (he has something in the gallbladder, and that's what he needs done right away) until he gets his heart surgery. It's complicated. In great part the complications come from the faulty Salvadoran medical system... pathetic. So sad.
My pa will have to wait till mid-July to get his heart surgery and then he will be able to get his gallbladder surgery done. It pisses me off that he has to go through such a long wait... and I get even angrier when I realize that he is not the only one in that situation.
Thousands of people die every year in El Salvador because they cannot afford decent medical service, and the public medical system is just a bad joke.

It was nice to talk to my papi, though. It was nice to hear his voice. We talked for a while and he told me about his life and how my brothers are doing. He told me not to worry for him. He asked me about my mom and my sister. He told me to say hello to them. He asked me about my trip to Washington and I could tell that he smiled when I said I loved the city. He told me that my cousins and tia Maya live in Washington and I told him that I forgot to call them while I was there. He asked me what I did over there and I told him about the whole thing... we talked about art. We can talk about art and I like it. I like when I find someone that likes to talk about things I like... My dad is one of my favorite conversation buddies.
He said that he saw the pictures of some of my paintings and he said, "I loved the colors! The oranges and yellows... they're so alive. You have Van Gogh colors." I smiled. He told me to "reserve" a painting for him and then he clarified: "A real painting! Not just a picture of a painting! I want you to send me a painting with the next relative that comes to El Salvador." I said "Si hombe!!! Por supuesto!"

The thing is, though, I'd like him to see all my paintings in person.

I uploaded some not-so-good pictures of the paintings to the Yahoo gallery. I need to see if I can get someone with a good camera to help me with that. I sent the link to my dad so he can see those pics.

But still, I wish...

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Pippo said...

THis makes me so happy. :) I am happy for you. Your papi will be fine, im sure. y ou are so lucky to still have him.