Monday, July 18, 2005

About the last post...

I'm not unhappy. I truly love my family, but I'm not a small-town type of person that's used to runing into people you know all the time. Here where I live, I can't not even go wash my car without somebody calling me the next day sayint he/she saw me and asking me why was I at the car wash the day before... and I'm like "HELLO?!!! To wash my car!!!" and then asking why I was washing my car... :S

So just imagine me, having fun with my friends at a club (I don't go out very much, so when I do go out, I want to have a nice time with my friends) and suddenly seeing my uncle standing in front of me... what do I say?! "Hey, tio. How's it going? Kicking it? Good... Let me go dance now... see ya later!"

So... I love my family... but really, sometimes a girl needs a break :P
I am, however, planing on spreading my wings and flying to a big city where even if I do have a million relatives (I can't do anything about this... I have family everywhere) I won't bump into them at every other place I go to. This will happen after I graduate of course... I LOVE the U of A with all my heart and soul :) I AM a real Razorback!!! (That's our mascot).

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