Friday, July 15, 2005


Friday... I can't remember the last time I was this glad because it's Friday.

It was a long week. I've gotten angry many times this week... they all have been during Chemistry class. Not only because I believe my instructor doesn't deserve to be called a teacher, but because he doesn't respect others... and that gets under my skin and makes me do and feel things I wouldn't normally do or feel. No kidding, when I get angry I have a hard time controlling what I say... I blame it on my dad because he's that way.

Anyway, the instructor mistreats two of my classmates. They're the only two guys in the class and I wonder if that's why he's so freakin impacient with them. He raises his voice to them! And I just want to curse him out when he does that!!! I talked to one of the guys today and he said that he didn't really see any difference in the way he treats everyone, but then he said, almost whispering, "he raises his voice." I know he feels bad... the only thing that the viejo hasn't done to them is called them studip (and if he does... I'm affraid I'll get up and do something crazy).

I'm writing a letter to the academic affairs department at the freakin community college though which I'm taking that class. I'm going to talk to the viejo first, just to be fair. I have a list of things he needs to know... if he doesn't get it together, I'll make some calls and write some letters.

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J. Star said...

Good for you, dude. Grassroots campaigning can pay off. It stinks when people use their positions of authority to degrade others. It almost seems that some people need to do that to feel good about themselves. It's really a shame. I'm glad you're sticking up for yourself and for others; that's really cool. Good luck with it.