Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Oh! My First Artist Reception!

I still feel like a star!!!

I got to the gallery at 7:05 and there were so many people there waiting... for me :)
When I stepped into the door somebody said "there she is" and I couldn't stop smiling from that point until the end of... well, I actually woke up the next day smiling!

The Univision cameras were there, I was interviewed for the "De todo un poco" show and it was surprising how naturally it all came to me... I chose three paintings and we talked about those and what they meant for me. I chose "My Fire," my crazy self-portrait and "The Two Berthas" (I apologize because those are horrible pictures, I'll soon have some good ones for you!). Then Noticias 5 (5 News) did another interview and the super 5 news reported was a sweetie (thanks sis!).

So many people came... I was amazed and grateful that so many people support me in the community. There were family, old friends, new friends, professors, university administrators, community leaders, reporters, friends of my mother, friends of my sister, friends of my friends, co-workers... and well... I just felt so wonderful!!! Everyone wanted a picture with me and they were hugging me, saying congratulations (or felicidades) and giving me all these precious compliments!!! Did I already say I felt like a star?! I did!!! SC gave me a card with the sweetest message!!!

I sold three paintings... and that was actually hard because I've never sold any artwork ever before... so putting price to my work was difficult. And JR was telling everyone that he already had a "BG's original" (I gave him "Curls").

Some funny things happened, I had picked a cute outfit that looked very "artistic" if you will. It was black... and that was the problem, since it was about 100 degrees outside and my car doesn't have A/C... so I called my uncle to pick me up in his new truck because I didn't want to get to the gallery all sweaty... but then at the last minute I decided to just grab a pair of gray, dressy pants that I had and get rid of the cute little orange scarf that gave the "artistic" touch to my black outfit... I still felt fabulous ;) but I'm definitely going to have to wear my black, artistic outfit some other time :)

I don't have my pictures yet... I need to go see SH because she took all the pictures for me. I'll post them here as soon as I get them :D


Andrea said...

I am so happy for you!


J. Star said...

That is *awesome* that it went so well--I'm really happy for you! Nothing like a good boost to the ego to make you feel validated as a person. Congratulations!