Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daydreaming and other actual occurrences

All the little color dots and marks in my clothes are permanent now, so next time you see me please don't try to scratch the marks off my jeans or shirts. I know I am slowly running out of good shirts to wear to school, but I can't help but get paint on me... I don't plan it, even when I wear the lab coat I got donated a couple of painting sessions ago I end up with a little paint in unexpected places-- like my shoulder. I have no idea how the paint gets there.

But all the painting is going very well despite the random shirt ruined after a late night painting session.

Next week will be wonderfully busy. It all starts this Friday with a consumer behavior exam. Then continues on Tuesday with not one, but two horribly difficult exams. I'm already preparing for it. Of course, painting never stops. Later next week I will be flying to Colorado for a conference. A promising trip full of responsibilities, learning, networking, taking in the newness of temporary home, picture taking, and some time to refresh.

I am looking forward to getting the window seat in the plane.

I have to go review what classes I need to take next semester because I have my advising tomorrow. This semester has almost evaporated in front of my very eyes. Sooner than I realize I will be sitting for 3 hours in the arena waiting for a white man to call my name and give me my precious degree.

Until then, I'll keep working hard and trying to focus. I will try not to daydream too much... like today. And I will try to spend time with my friends, like today, because soon we'll all go in different directions.

I hope to do many things after these days. I hope to travel a lot. I hope my eyes can see the beauties of Italy, and England, and Washington DC, and of my so longed for El Salvador.

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