Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall in Fayetteville

The air in Fayetteville is getting cool. Days are shorter now, and as the fall settles in, the haze of summer fades in memories of hot afternoons with iced drinks and play time. The days are clear this time of the year, the sun shines with a different light, the leaves on most trees are changing from green to oranges, yellows, and browns. There's a different light, there's a more vivid blue in the sky, there's people wearing sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts, flip-flop season is gone.
People walk faster when going to class.
The windows of my car stay up in the mornings.
Nights are longer, stars are bright.
The light of the sun finds its way through the morning clouds to touch our heads.
It's nice. Very nice.

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