Monday, October 02, 2006

make some noise

and so starts another week...

this weekend was so much fun. i did a little bit of everything, including going to church, which i had not done wholeheartedly in about... two years. it all started friday when, after watching pirates of the caribbean 2, i headed to bikes blues and bbq with some friends. i ate bbq ribs. they were delicious. it was pretty neat because i got on picture-taking mode-- which i hadn't been in quite some time. i also got to see a lot of bikers... most of them big, bearded, and leather-wearing dudes. and they just make me smile... i went back to dickson st. on saturday, then with a different set of friends, but good friends still. we had fun. i took another bunch of pictures and ate some more ribs. i really think the even should have the name changed to bikes booze and bbq... cause i just heard some blues at the place where we bought the food, other than that, the blues were not very present in the event. it was so much fun!

and now, looking back, it seems like i spent my whole weekend on dickson st. cause on sunday i went back there for church with Anna. it was a different deal from any other church i've ever been to. it was interesting... and for the first time ever in a church, i didn't feel underdressed. the sermon was not very in-depth in my opinion, but it was ok.
after church Anna and i went around dickson taking pictures for our typography class... that was a good time! Anna cracks me up, mainly, because she laughs at everything.

oh, i have a quiz today. so help me God.

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