Friday, September 29, 2006

Midnight coloring session

It all started when I looked at the mirror and saw the black roots... dang, it was bad. I needed some help, but El Chapulin Colorado was nowhere to be found, so I had to think of something else... fast....

...because, look at that hair... it's almost orange!!!

But could that Soft Black #30 Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme with Fruit Oil Concentrates really be the answer to all my hair-coloring problems?!

Let's try it. Don't forget to read the instructions... even though it's always the same deal. Make sure you have everything before starting...

... don't forget the little comb! You don't want to start looking for it in the middle of applying the color cream, cause then you would get EVERYTHING stained.

After the contents of the little thingy are gone, you have to wait 25 minutes if you are retouching, but 35 minutes if you've gone for more than 3 months without color or if you have any gray hair. You saw my black roots... I saw them too, so I left it for 45 minutes.

And then... enjoy! Can someone say "even color"?!
I love it! Now I might even blend in with the Bikes Blues & BBQ croud.


Jake said...

Wow B. You had some time and energy on your hands tonight eh?
I am up late writing my "management plan" as its called. Basically my plan for the year...reminds me of a grad school paper, but it is interesting.

BG said...

dude, after the 14,000 exams i had early this week i more energy last night than i've had in the past... month (almost!)

Bellota said...

Busca oficio!!!!