Monday, September 04, 2006

About a weekend

This weekend was fun. I had a good time with my family and I got a lot of things done. Thank goodness for labor day and a 3-day weekend. Saturday my school got morally destroyed by USC. They kicked our butts in football.
Good thing I don't care about that sport, so I'm emotionally ok. I babysat for some friends that day, so I watched the game on TV. Well, I half-watched it, because most of the time I was reading or channel-surfing. I even got a little of Project Runway that night. Sunday, I went out with my mom. We wanted to go to a fair, but they had taken it down sometime before we decided that it'd be good to go for a minute, so we ended up in Barnes & Noble where she didn't let me buy anything. This is what she did: we went around, looked at postcards, she let me go around and scan some books and pick 3-4 that I wanted to buy, THEN she decided she wanted to leave and went to me and got the books from my hand and enumerated reasons why I didn't need/want any of those books. Until I ended up just with the postcards, and then I said "well, why buy only the postcards?" and put them down. She said "YAY! CONGRATULATIONS! THAT'S WHAT I LIKE! YOU DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING!" She was smiling a lot.
We took these pictures outside BN. She wanted to go into the pet store, but I didn't go in because it stunk. We went for dinner to Applebee's and then to my uncle's house. Then we all (too many relatives to mention everyone's name) went to the movies and saw World Trade Center. We got out at about midnight then went to the Waffle House for some... *suspense*... waffles.

Ay, la familia :)

Today we just had lunch together and then I went and dropped her off at work. We took her car to the shop because it's acting up. I have to go pick her up later on, so I just came to the studio and finished the paintings for tomorrow. I really like them! I have to read a lot, but I wanted to update the blog and search for an article online. I'm done with both.

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