Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh, design students are so crazy...

I had my graphic design typography class today. We had a quiz. It was hard. I felt bad.

But the point of my post is not to talk about the quiz, but to talk about my fellow graphic design students. Today was fun, I hadn't gotten one of those laughter crisis in a long time... We had been talking about so many things, including the quiz, Mac computers, iPods and the NEW generation of iPods (yeah, that's my life-- I get my new iPod video and in less than a week is all gone to hell because there are some new and better ones out). And well, most of the talking about the new Apple stuff was done by Anna. She said she knows so much about it (and it is A LOT that she knows) she has learned because she works at the computer store on campus, so she has to be up to date in all that.

After that, we went into the computer lab to star working on our projects. Anna sat next to me, and next to Anna sat Hamilton. From there, it all went downhill. We continued talking about our projects, facebook, the new facebook crap, etc. When suddenly (I might have spaced out for a moment because I don't recall how we started on this topic) Anna said she talks to herself when she's stressed; and so I gave her a look, an we-can-still-be-friends-even-though-you-do-that look. And after seeing my face she said "please get her away from me." To that, I tried not to react, but it was impossible. Anna explained "that's what you're thinking now about me now" and it started... I asked Anna if she had an imaginary friend, because I thought she had said that to herself. I started laughing because I wanted to say "I would get her away... but I can't see her." I couldn't even explain to Anna and Hamilton why exactly I was laughing so hard. I was almost crying.

They're so much fun. Now I'm off to watch Project Runway. I'll try, at least. My tv is giving up on me. The screen goes black after a couple of minutes of watching it, and to fix it you have to turn it off and then back on. Oh, well.

Also, my sis Barbie is 20 years old today. She's had a happy birthday :) My mom and I got her a tres leches cake.

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Bellota said...

20 aƱos???
esta chiquita la barbie!!!!
Pero dale un besosososte de mi parte!