Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A test that drove me to profanity.

It feels like I have been gone from my own life. I have been studying straight since Saturday morning. Well, I babysat Emma on Saturday, but as soon as she closed her little blue eyes I hit the freaking books. I had a test first thing Monday morning, and then I had a quiz... that really felt more like a second test on that day. THEN I had a test this morning. For this particular test, I had been studying since last week.... and still, it was very difficult. I enjoy that class a lot, but man, that test really DID drive me to profanity. Needless to say, I have had very little sleep for the past week. And this morning I woke up feeling very sick, I guess it was my body protesting all this mess.

And still, after all that, this week is a very busy one. I have some reading to do for tomorrow and I need to have my painting done by Thursday.

Plus, there some stuff going on at home that's not helping my emotional stability. I mean, last week was just very hard for me. I had to deal with a lot of things.

Anywayos (that's Spanish), I am taking some time for me and coloring my hair. I'm going back to my espresso dark self. I figure, I'll feel better with no black roots and red/orange hair.

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