Friday, September 01, 2006

In and out of this highway

And the week just went by....
Hanging out with friends,
events, planning, studying, lots of reading,
hugging, movies, laughs,
purple sunsets with orange souls,
car rides, cruising....
consumer behavior, and history,
waiting for books bought online,
gas, pictures, Mount Sequoyah,
graphic design history, weird looks, random meetings,
names forgotten, new names learned,
crossing out to-do's and writing new ones,
design this, type out that,
think of this, disregard, news paper addiction,
hallway talks, art shows,
postcards from Italy--
Tim's Pizza, Ajuas, and other unrelated types of food.
This week has been good,
has been long and short--
all in all, I've smiled.
It's almost been a year, April....

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