Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering my dear April Love

Today makes one year since I last saw April. It was a saturday and we were at a football game at school. I was working on collecting donations for the hurricane Katrina victims, she was sitting outside the stadium watching the game from a little hill by one of the entrances. I was going down the steps when I heard her voice shouting "B." I looked and it was her. We exchanged a couple of words and I told her to call me. I don't remember the last I said to her, but I remember her smiling and just shining with life, as always. That was the last time I saw her. She was with him. We sent each other text messages later that night. We said we would speak the following day, because we had so much to talk about. We never talked again.

The moment I was told she was gone plays clearly in my head often. Specially when I'm around campus and I think of calling her on her cell phone or see something that reminds me of her, that's when that moment replays in my head. Those words. I want to erase those words when I was told she was gone. This loss wasn't natural, she was taken.

The fact she's gone is surreal. Her life has marked us, who love her, in ways that changed the course of so many of our actions and thoughts. She certainly did great here on Earth, but she had much more to do, so many more lives to impact, so much more to live. She raised standards wherever she went and challenged the norm. And she empowered many, she empowered me.

I hold the memories of good times and talks in my heart, but all the pictures and the stories will never be enough. She left a void that cannot be filled.

April, I miss you so much. I'll see you in heaven, amiga.